Finding Meaning

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The king had conveyed an image of being all-powerful. That he could do anything. With a lavish feast, he dazzled the other leaders of his kingdom. Then suddenly everything changed.

Everyone at the feast watched as a mysterious hand appeared and wrote a phrase on the palace wall. What could this have meant? Why had the hand appeared? All of the king’s power and resources became meaningless. It did not matter that he could command armies or impress others.

None of his advisors could help. All their learning had not prepared them for such a moment. It did not matter that the king offered a reward. With each passing moment, the anxiety and fear intensified, as Belshazzar became “greatly alarmed.” And his knees “began knocking together.”

Clarity emerged after the queen reminded Belshazzar of Daniel and his ability to interpret dreams, explain enigmas, and solve problems. The hope was that he could explain what had happened, and the meaning of the mysterious message.

Daniel was able to provide the correct interpretation because of his relationship with God. He knew how to hear from Him and trusted in Him.

In every generation, men and women face similar moments. They encounter mysteries. They see messages and need understanding. They watch as events unfold in ways that they find disturbing. They may develop their own interpretations of these messages and events. Or they may turn to one or more types of “experts.”

But the truth remains there is only one sure way to have the right interpretation. To know the right meaning. To solve all the mysteries. That is to seek God. To be in tune with His Spirit. To learn His plans and purposes. To be sensitive to His leading. To be willing to listen. To obey His Word.