Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

For many people, the weeks before Christmas are a season of frantic activity – shopping, planning, parties, special events, concerts, rehearsals, dinners, services, visits from friends and family both near and far. Then, with the passing of Christmas, many are hit with the aftermath of an adrenaline-sustained schedule. And a typical reaction for many is what some might call the blues that feels empty. As defined by the dictionary, it’s “a feeling of sadness or depression.”

After surviving Christmas festivities, some people come face to face with financial deficits, which can be a depressing realization. Some simply feel tired and let down after weeks of stress. For many, it is a time to recover. With no special activities planned, it can seem that there is nothing to look forward to. Others grapple with a feeling of loneliness. Having been around people so often during the Christmas season, they find themselves without the company of friends and family.

If you feel the blues, what can you do? Turn to the Lord and rekindle that relationship. Sing, worship, and linger in His presence in order to be renewed and refreshed. Study and meditate on His Word to seek His direction and insights.

Remember, the world may be filled with the constant change of ups and downs, but God always is with us. He can fill us with joy, meaning, and purpose at any time of year.