Family Relationships

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The family is important to God. The Bible describes how He created the family unit and established this as the core of human relationships. His Word is filled with instructions about the family. We are born into families and nurtured through families. Yet each family is unique because the people in families are unique.

These differences emerge as we observe the attitudes and actions of family members, how they interact with others in the family, how they spend their time, and what their priorities are.

We can learn a lot about people by their behavior within their families. In fact, Paul made the actions and attitudes within the family a test to determine spiritual maturity and qualifications for leadership.

The same principles are true today. Some people may have different ideas about the role of families, but God’s original design has not changed. For each of us, our attitudes toward our families demonstrate our characters.

Our familial attitudes show our priorities and perspective on life. They reveal how we handle responsibility and whether we keep our promises. They reveal whether we are compassionate toward others or just care about ourselves. Our attitudes show if we are trustworthy.

Remember, God had given you unique resources and gifts and a unique mission. Seek to be faithful in the special role He has designed for you – in your work, your church, your community, and your family.