False Promises

False Promises

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

People were worried and afraid. There were threats from powerful neighbors, family and economic problems, and widespread immorality. The country was hungry for answers and peace. In this environment, some spoke up promising hope. To a troubled nation urgently needing peace, these people promised peace.

But in reality, nothing changed. Their promises proved to be empty. Their claims were false. Their solutions did not work. The treatments they recommended were just “superficial,” not making any substantive changes. As a result, a discouraged people became even more discouraged.

What was particularly noticeable was that the people making promises were filled with covetousness. They were most concerned about themselves and doing what was best for themselves. And they were not sorry for mistakes they had made: “They don’t even know how to blush” (v. 15).

How did God respond? He asked them to put aside their selfish desires, to stop walking on “the road we want.” Then they were to return to His ways. “Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it” (v. 16).

The Bible reminds us that God is ready to give us His peace, to bless us, to meet our needs, and to take away our fears and burdens. We simply need to turn to Him, do things His way, apply His principles, repent of any sins, and humble ourselves before Him. We can be confident then that we “will find rest for your souls” (v. 16).