Faithful with What God Has Given

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Each of us “has received a gift” from God. This is true for every Believer, old and young, rich and poor. He has given each person unique talents and resources.

God desires that we be good stewards of those gifts. Those who are called to speak should “speak as the oracles of God.” Those who minister are to do so “with the ability which God supplies.”

Yet some people are reluctant to use the gifts God has given them. They may feel inadequate or unqualified. Others may hoard their gifts or use them for themselves and their own pleasure.

But we need to realize that we have been blessed so that we might be a blessing. We must not hold back or be tentative, but should faithfully use the gifts God has given us, boldly sowing seeds into His Kingdom. As we are faithful, we give glory to God and make it possible to reap a great harvest.

Today, think about all the ways God has blessed you. Consider the many gifts, abilities, and resources you have been given. Don’t be stingy or selfish, but rather be bold and generous. Look for opportunities to invest in the lives of others and further His Kingdom.

Ask God to show you how you can use the gifts He has given you. When you do, you will bring Him glory and bless others. Always remember that you will reap only what you sow.