Faith to Recover All

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It seemed David had lost everything and there was no hope. While he and his men were on a mission, Amalekites had raided their camp and captured their possessions and loved ones. Driven by anger, his men blamed David, and even discussed stoning him.

How did David respond? Though this may have felt like a hopeless situation, David still sought God’s help. He turned to God and “strengthened himself in the LORD his God” and “inquired of the LORD” (vs. 6-8). He might have been afraid or worried, but still he cried out for God’s intervention. Then he obeyed the word he received and acted on his belief that God could help him.

As a result, God performed a miracle, turning tragedy into triumph. They were able to rescue all the family members that had been taken. They also recovered all the goods. On top of that, God blessed David with even more than he had before, as he came to possess the flocks and herds of his enemy. God brought even greater blessings out of the trials, pressures, attacks, and apparent defeats they had experienced.

This is the same pattern God wants us to employ in our lives. Whenever we face situations that seem dark and hopeless, we must follow David’s example and turn to God. In every situation, we need to continue to walk by faith, trust in God, and believe that He can perform miracles.

In your life, don’t be governed by doubt or worry, fear or anxiety. Commit every situation you face to God. Trust Him, and learn to live by faith.