Faith for the Future

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Faith is critical for our daily lives—for the issues we face today, the things that occupy our minds in the present, our current challenges and problems, the issues faced by family members and friends. But faith also applies to future events—not just for tomorrow, but for the years to come.

While this doesn’t mean that we can see the future (except for what God might reveal to us through the Spirit), it does mean we’re willing to trust God not only for events in our lifetime, but for events that may take place long into the future, involving circumstances and people that may be completely unknown at this time.

We can also extend our faith for friends and family members. In the moment, we can be tempted to exercise our personal intervention, wanting to “help” them out and “be there” for them, answering their questions, warning them of danger, and pointing them in the right way. But God directs us to have the kind of faith that is willing to trust in Him, even when we may not be directly involved.

As God leads, ask Him to open your mind and heart to see His vision for these people. Be willing to believe that He is sovereign, not only over the present, but the future—even the distant future. You can trust Him completely, for yourself and for others.

Are there people for whom you have special burdens? Commit them to God. Pray for them, for their current needs, and for the problems they face. Be there to help them. But also remember to commit their future to Him. Let Him give you His peace “regarding things to come,” for you and for others.