Facing the Unknown

Facing the Unknown

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Paul had a clear mission: to spread the Gospel, follow God’s call, and deliver His messages. Throughout his journeys, he developed confidence that God was guiding him – until he approached Troas (in modern-day Turkey). Suddenly, God blocked every move. As a result, Paul didn’t know what to do or where to go. He faced a future filled with unknowns.

He could have given in to frustration and doubt. But, just in time, God spoke to him in a vision and told him to go to Macedonia. This was a new direction but clearly God’s will. Looking back, Paul could see why He had blocked his path. God wanted him to do something different than he had planned.

God may block our path for reasons we don’t understand at times. We may not have His peace. Doors may close in ways we didn’t expect. We simply may not know exactly where to go.

When this happens, we need to remember Paul’s example. Start by being faithful to what God has revealed. Obey His Word and the direction we have received. Always be sensitive to His Spirit. Pray and seek Him until we have His peace and He confirms His direction.

Remember, God is with you right now. Commit your way to Him. Be confident that He will guide you. Have faith that He will supply your needs and direct your steps.