Eternal Good News

Eternal Good News

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We can feel we are living in mud and mire at times. The news can leave us feeling hopeless, with so many stories dominated by divisiveness and violence. We hear accounts of people suffering from poverty. Lives are being disrupted by sickness and injustice. Families are torn by selfishness and sin. Our problems – and the problems in the world around us – can appear overwhelming, and darkness seems to triumph.

At times like these, the words of Revelation put everything in perspective. Here, God provided a picture of the eternal life that awaits all who are born again. John the Revelator was shown a pure river. It was perfectly clear, flowing with healing and abundant fruitfulness. Here, there was no night, and there were no problems.

Most of all, it was a place where God reigns supreme all the time, where we can “see His face” (v. 4) and where He gives light. There, in this perfect world, we “shall reign forever and ever.”

If you are born again, turn away from the world’s problems, and focus on this glorious picture. No matter what stories fill the news, you have every reason to rejoice. Remember that God has a plan for you established before
the beginning of time.

This wonderful place awaits you. Being in God’s presence forever will wipe away all the sorrows of our present circumstances. Renew your faith in His promises. Celebrate this Good News!