Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is one thing to be taught the truth. To believe in God and know His Word. To be a person of prayer. But changes often take place as we interact with other people. We can find ourselves intrigued by their lifestyles and opinions. We can start thinking like them and wanting to do what they do. We can doubt what we have been taught.

This can happen to anyone, even longtime believers. This is why the Bible is filled with warnings to recognize the many ways we can be influenced by the wrong people.

In particular, we are told to be on guard against sinners who can “entice” us. The Hebrew word suggests being open to wrong influences. Being gullible and easily deceived, and so naïve that we can be lured into places that we should avoid.

There are many ways we can be “enticed.” Many ways we can feel the pressure to go along with the crowd. To follow popular opinions, and not be concerned about God’s standards.

How do we respond? First, by realizing that anyone can be deceived. That following the crowd, and doing what seems popular, can lead down the wrong path.

We must not automatically “consent” to these kinds of pressures. We become particularly vulnerable if we’re not sure what we believe, not firmly committed to God’s Word, and open to compromise.

Second, we are warned not to even to walk with the wrong people. Not to spend time with them, or give them the opportunity to poison us with their thoughts. To avoid the wrong influences and places.

In your life, be careful what you allow into your heart and mind. Always remember that God is with you. If you call on Him and listen to His Spirit, He can help you make the right decisions. Stay firmly rooted in His Word. Know what you believe, and don’t allow yourself to be enticed.