Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus always was ready to meet needs, perform miracles, and demonstrate the power of God. But He also was aware that, for some people, these were moments of entertainment – a kind of magic trick.

He faced this pattern earlier in His ministry when some came just to see if He would perform a miracle. They missed the point: His power and authority were real. But He was not a magician, and they weren’t tricks. These were real demonstrations of God’s power and a real ministry.

We see this attitude when, before the crucifixion, He was mocked and beaten. Wanting Him to act like a soothsayer, they blindfolded Him and dared Him to “prophesy” (v. 65). We see this attitude when Jesus was on the cross. In that holy moment, some mocked Him, asking Him to “come down from the cross” (Mark 15:32).

Jesus let them have their fun. But their reaction shows us why He didn’t perform more miracles. He knew that many would misunderstand. He often taught in parables with the meaning hidden, explaining the meaning “privately to His own disciples,” when He could teach without pandering to the desire for entertainment (Mark 4:34).

These same principles are true for us. Jesus is willing to meet our needs, to give us insights about the future, and to explain deeper truths. But He looks to see the condition of our hearts. Are we focused on the truth or being entertained?