Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

How do we react when we encounter problems that don’t seem to have solutions? When we feel confused or uncertain what to do? When answers do not come easily? When the answers we have tried don’t seem to work?

Like other experiences in life, we must operate in faith, following the example Jesus provided as “the author and finisher of our faith” (v. 2). He set an example of endurance.

He endured when a disciple betrayed Him, His closest followers denied even knowing Him, He was falsely accused, and He was humiliated, tried, and crucified. But, having endured, Jesus emerged in triumph.

It is not always easy to endure. This means not giving in to doubt or impatience. It means persevering when we feel like giving up. We must keep our eyes on the goal. This means “looking unto Jesus” (v. 2) and remembering that He endured.

Because He endured, we can endure. We need to remember the example Jesus set for us if we get discouraged or weary.

We must endure when we face disappointment and discouragement. We must endure when we experience delays. We must endure situations we do not understand and many types of problems.

We will endure as we stop being dominated by problems and focus on Jesus, remembering that our faith is perfected through endurance.

Today, remember the importance of endurance. Don’t let anything discourage you. Never stop living by faith. Never give up.