Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In his picture of a genuine love between a man and a woman, Solomon described a relationship filled with overflowing desire. A full expression of what it means to be in love. Here we see a man so eager to be with the woman he loves that the Bible pictures him “leaping over” the mountains and “bounding” over the hills.

These words imply intensity, and a sense of eagerness. An anticipation. The idea is that the man won’t allow anything to stand in his way. He is so eager to be with her that nothing will stop him, not even the presence of a mountain. And there was no sense of obligation or drudgery. He simply loved to be with her.

While used here to describe a relationship between a man and a woman, this also provides us with a picture of the kind of passion we should have toward God. Many approach the things of God with a sense of drudgery. A feeling of obligation. Others associate serving Him with fear and the threat of punishment (as if He thrives on denying us happiness, emphasizing rules and what not to do).

But the Song of Solomon gives us a totally different picture. Our relationship with God should not be a religion exercise or an obligation. In fact, we should love to be in His presence. We should be eager to read and study His Word. To sing His praises. To fellowship with other believers.

What is your attitude toward God? Does your spiritual life have a kind of sparkle? Enthusiasm? Or is your faith still marked by a sense of obligation and ritual? Is this just a habit for you, or do you really long to be in His presence?

Seek to renew your love of God. Spend time with Him. Talk with Him. Let Him change you!