Drifting into Darkness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible provides principles that lead to fulfillment and God’s blessings. But it also warns us about ways we can fall away, and drift from His light into darkness.

In Romans, Paul provided two keys to staying on the right path. First, we need to make God the center of our lives, seeking to glorify Him. This means having a life of worship. Willingly humbling ourselves before Him. Living according to His Word.

Second, we need to develop an attitude of appreciation! To be thankful people. To realize that we owe everything to God. To appreciate all that He has done for us. To find joy in serving Him. And to trust Him.

Those without this focus can drift into all kinds of error. As Paul described the transition, they become futile in their thoughts. They start thinking differently. They make false assumptions and draw wrong conclusions.

The Greek words here reveal that we begin to “inwardly question” what we think. We start turning away from God. Instead of trusting Him and living by faith, we become filled with doubt. We embrace ideas that make sense to us but really are “empty and profitless.”

Through this process, our hearts become foolish and darkened. Our emotions become blurred. We lose perspective. We drift, because we are not firmly rooted in truth. We abandon the foundation that God has given us. We may think we’re wise but don’t realize that our thinking process is faulty.

Paul provided this picture as a warning. No one is immune. Even the most mature believers can drift away from God’s light into darkness. This can happen in subtle ways.

What is the answer? Start by filling your life with praise. Focus on God and seek to be thankful.