Does God’s Word Apply?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The generation that stood before Moses had no excuses. They knew God’s Word had been given to them. But God also knew that future generations could have a different attitude. They might have questions and excuses and could argue that they were different people in different situations.

But God wanted to make sure they knew that, before Him, there were no excuses. That His Word was timeless and applied to all generations. Present and future. God knew the human heart, and the many ways we might try to avoid doing things His way. How easily we can justify our own attitudes and develop explanations for the actions we want to take. To say that times have changed and that His Word doesn’t apply to us.

In one of his last statements as their leader, Moses acknowledged that future generations might react in these ways. But he made clear that God’s Word is true for all generations. God also knew that some people believe that they can receive His blessings without obeying Him. That they can defy Him and still receive all He has promised. Indeed, they claim that “I shall have peace” at the same time that they acknowledge that they “follow the dictates of their own heart.” This may sound reasonable, but in God’s sight, this simply means that they are rejecting Him and going their own way.

There is only one way to receive God’s full blessings: By committing our lives to Him. By obeying His Word and applying His principles. By making Him the Lord of our lives. By remembering that His Word is true and that it always applies to each one of us.