Distorted Confidence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Edomites were confident—so confident that they had become arrogant. They had taken advantage of God’s people and gloated whenever they saw them in trouble.

The Edomites refused to help the people of God. They built their “nest among the stars” and felt they could say or do whatever they wanted, without any concern for the consequences. They felt secure, thinking that nothing could harm them. Feeling absolutely safe, they lived “in the clefts of the rock,” in the “loftiness of your dwelling place.”

But the people of Edom didn’t know God. They didn’t realize He knew their plans, even the ones they made in secret. He knew everything about them and recognized that their hearts were arrogant. They were blinded by pride and had developed a distorted confidence in themselves and their own abilities. They did not realize God could bring them down from any place, no matter how secluded or secure it might seem.

Many other people and nations have fallen into the same trap. How easily we can be confident and arrogant. How easily these attitudes can impact our hearts and minds. How easily our own hearts can be deceived into believing things that aren’t true. The mistakes of Edom demonstrate why it’s so important that we stay humble in God’s sight.

Today, remember that God knows your thoughts, as well as the thoughts of your friends and family, the people at work and church, every political or spiritual leader. You can trust in Him to defend you, protect you, guide you, and provide for you.