December 6, 2022

Dismayed or Afraid?

Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“My spirit is weak within me; my heart is overcome with dismay.” – Psalm 143:4 CSB

Selma Sundelius Lagerström had every reason to feel discouraged. Born in Sweden in 1859, her father was a pastor, yet he was known to have alcohol problems.

Her life turned dark when both she and her husband (a Bible school teacher) began experiencing mental problems. For a time, both were confined to a mental hospital. Throughout these troubles, Lagerström continued to look to God.

Writing out of her life experiences, Lagerström wrote many poems and hymns. We feel her heart in a poem she wrote called “Are You Dismayed, Lonely, Afraid?” This became the basis of a hymn.

She asked her readers if they felt forsaken or alone. She encouraged them to turn to God. She knew He would lavish them with hope, mercy, and love. He promised blessings “in abundant measure.”

Friends might fall short, but God is our constant consolation. He is faithful and true and provides “comfort in tribulation.” When we are tired, we can flee to His side. We might feel weak, but He can give us courage. We might lack confidence, but God can guide us and light our path. He is our “true defender.”

She ended this poem with a call to praise God and a reminder that He promises never to forsake us. We can depend on Him until the end. “He is the same forever.”

Do you feel dismayed? Lonely? Afraid? Turn to God. You can trust Him.

Reflection Question: Reflect on how God is with you in your loneliness and fear.

Father, thank You for being with me. When I am afraid or lonely, I will trust in You. Thank You for giving me hope. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Psalm 143