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The very presence of the Jews irritated Haman. In particular, he was annoyed by Mordecai—his actions and all that he symbolized. Haman had been promoted, and the king had commanded everyone to pay homage to him. But Mordecai would not worship any man and refused to bow before Haman.

When criticized, Mordecai explained that “he was a Jew” (v. 4). He was a man of principle who would bow only to God. He could not change just to appease a politician or conform to the crowd.

Haman became enraged. Not content to act only against Mordecai, he decided to kill all Jews! To gain the king’s blessing, he explained that the Jews deserved death because they were “different”—they wouldn’t conform to the customs or traditions of the land.

Throughout history, others have shared with Haman this same kind of drive. Many people simply hate God and His Word, and they desire to eliminate anyone who believes in Him. People like Haman are bothered by the fact that God’s people are “different.” They want Believers to conform to the ways of the world. They are irritated when we proclaim that there is just one God, one truth, and one way to salvation (John 14:6). They are provoked when we stand firm in the face of pressure and refuse to compromise.

Today, remember Paul’s warning: “Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould” (Romans 12:2). Be ready to be different!

Make Jesus the Lord of everything in your life. Don’t give in to compromise, but be bold, standing for truth. Always seek first God’s Kingdom.