Tell Mother

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

William McKinley, twenty-fifth President of the United States, was raised in a Christian home, particularly through the influence of his mother, Nancy Allison McKinley. She remained close to McKinley even after he became President.

In 1898, she became seriously ill. Reflecting his concerns, McKinley had a special telegraph line installed in the White House so he could write to her. As she approached death, he wired this message: “Tell mother I’ll be there!” His primary concern was assuring her that his eternal destination was sure, and that he would be with her in Heaven.

McKinley’s words became an inspiration for Charles Filmore, a music teacher and pastor, who also wrote many Gospel songs. He was moved to realize that, for McKinley’s mother, it was more important that her son spend eternity with Jesus than be President.

Thinking of his own life, Filmore wrote of how he used to grieve his mother “with my folly and neglect.” But “now that she has gone to Heav’n, I miss her tender care: O Savior, tell my mother, I’ll be there!” He remembered how she prayed for him and always was “kind and good” even when he was wayward.

The mothers of McKinley and Filmore were like so many women who have sacrificed, prayed, and given of themselves so their children knew about God. On this Mother’s Day, think of all that your mother has done for you. Remember. The most important thing in your life is not the riches, rewards, and pleasures of this world, but spending eternity with Jesus.