Cultural Religion

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When a well-respected advertising executive died, a colleague concluded that he “resides in Heaven now.” Why was he convinced? Because the man had been “nice.”

When a major business leader resigned, a media columnist encouraged colleagues to “send him positive thoughts (and prayers, if you pray).” Why? Because of “all the wonderful things he has accomplished.” We hear this kind of language every day, particularly around Christmas—talk about God and prayer, about being “good” and “nice.”

Words like these may be motivated by a desire to rise above the mundane and focus on values and spiritual things. But the Bible reminds us that God has different standards. None of us is truly “good enough.” We all are sinners. None of us can get into Heaven by being “nice.” The deciding factors are the choices we make, what we believe.

Many people, particularly around the Christmas season, embrace the concept of being “nice” and “good,” of giving and sharing. Yet they aren’t willing to follow Jesus, feeling that His teachings are too radical, too impractical, too inconvenient (see John 6:60-69). They have other priorities. They want to live like the world and rule their own lives.

But Jesus taught that we must make a choice. We cannot “serve two masters.” We either will serve God or the things of this world (Matthew 6:24). Jesus specifically said that being “lukewarm” isn’t acceptable. We need to be “hot”—committed, totally and completely!

Today, remember that you will need to give an account of your life. You have a choice to make: Is Jesus really your Lord and Master? Have you really left all to follow Him?

Don’t be lukewarm. Make Jesus your Lord. Follow Him wherever He leads.