Critical of Others

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How often it happens, in endless variations. Someone makes a promise, but we can’t move on, until they provide what they promised. In the meantime, we wait.

We have a schedule to keep, but find ourselves waiting. Having fulfilled a task, we wait for feedback. We wonder, did we do something wrong? Do we need to do it again? Meanwhile, we wait.

We prepared a special meal but received no feedback. We bought someone a gift or did something we think others will appreciate, but we haven’t received an acknowledgement. We scheduled an appointment, but others are late. We called, but no one answered.

Events like these take place every day. Sometimes there is little concern or impact. But at times, these can be irritating. We can become frustrated and even angry. And the longer we wait, the more irritated we can become.

The Bible gives us advice on how to respond. First, we should be sure that our communications are clear. That we have listened carefully. That our motives are right. We also need discernment. There may be times when reminders are appropriate. When questions need to be asked. Perhaps silence indicates that we need to take another look. But often we just need to be patient.

In all cases, we need to be careful before we criticize. Others may be going through challenges about which we know nothing. They may be dealing with major problems, or have other deadlines. (Perhaps we may be the ones causing others to wait.)

In every situation we need to remember Jesus’ words. We ourselves will be judged based on the way we judge others. If we condemn others, “it will all come back against you.” How important to remember to be people who forgive.