More Than Conquerors

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

John Robinson had no doubts: Christians must be involved in every facet of life, including politics, government, and commerce. And it was not acceptable to withdraw, compromise, or admit defeat.

Born around 1575 in England’s East Midlands, Robinson became a pastor. Feeling compelled to speak out about the need for a purer faith, around 1607 he left the Church of England and joined a Separatist congregation. Eventually, these Christians felt so strongly about their convictions that they decided to emigrate to The Netherlands, with Robinson as their pastor.

Gradually, many of these Believers concluded that their greatest hope of religious freedom was in the New World. They knew the risks were high, conditions might be harsh, and some might not even survive. Even so, these “Pilgrims” were convinced nothing was more important than serving God.

Although Robinson fully supported this dangerous mission, he felt led to stay behind. Before these Pilgrims left for America, he wrote them a letter reminding them they were “more than conquerors” through Christ. He also charged them that, upon reaching the New World, “You are to become a body politic, using among yourselves civil government.” He knew they could not neglect the practical issues of life, but must choose faithful leaders who would lead them according to Biblical principles. His letter inspired the Pilgrims to sign the Mayflower Compact, America’s first governing document.

Although the times may have changed, the principles espoused by leaders like John Robinson remain the same. God still looks for courageous people who will put their faith in Him and refuse to compromise their convictions.

Today, don’t be silent. Speak out! Get involved. Vote. Take a stand for your faith.