Confident in God’s Guidance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Abraham faced an important question: Who would marry his son, Isaac? To find the right woman, he turned to a trusted servant. A man he knew was dedicated and faithful.

But this was no ordinary assignment. In fact, the task was complex and dangerous; it even seemed somewhat impossible. It would involve many obstacles and challenges. He would need to travel hundreds of miles to a relatively isolated place. Then, he was expected to find just the right family, and, evaluating all options, meet the right woman, who would be willing to leave everything behind to marry Isaac, a man she never had met.

After arriving at his destination, the servant committed his needs to the Lord. He prayed that God would grant him success. He asked for a miracle. He would stand by a spring and would speak to the first woman who arrived. He would say, “Please let down your jar that I may drink.” His prayer was that this specific woman would be the one whom God had “appointed for your servant Isaac.”

It is amazing to realize that God answered his prayer specifically. The woman whom he met at the well was Rebekah, the very woman God had prepared for this assignment.

This is an important story to remember as you journey through life. The Bible promises that God is ready to guide and lead you as you commit your ways to Him. Remember, He could lead you in many ways.

Make sure you commit your way to the Lord, always believing that He will direct your path. Even supernaturally.