Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Each person in the story of Jesus’ birth had reasons to be skeptical and to hesitate or doubt their assignment. Mary had to be willing to be the mother of the baby even though she was a virgin. For her, this meant being prepared to endure the pregnancy and face possible questions.

Joseph had many reasons to be reluctant. After learning that Mary was pregnant by the Spirit, he wanted to “break the engagement quietly,” not wanting “to disgrace her publicly” (Matthew 1:19). But, despite the risks, he decided to do “as the angel of the Lord commanded” (Matthew 1:24).

The magi had to be confident in their interpretation of the stars. They were willing to risk everything to journey hundreds of miles to see a special baby they believed had been born. The shepherds had to be willing to leave their flocks to visit a lowly stable to see the Savior who had been announced.

All believers need this kind of confidence – faith to believe God, to be led by His Spirit, and to stand on His Word – no matter what the circumstances.

How confident are you that Jesus came to this world as a baby? That He lived a sinless life and died on a cross? That He came to set you free from sin and give you eternal life? That He has a plan for your life? That He will take care of you?