Committed to the Truth

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born on this day in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright became one of modern history’s most famous architects. He applied revolutionary concepts to structures ranging from single family homes to office buildings. A recent poll of architects voted “Fallingwater,” a home he designed in 1935, as the best all-time work of American architecture.

But Wright’s personal life was marked by a consistent willingness to retell events to his own benefit. He was willing to “bend” the truth to suit his own purposes, and he even lied about the year he was born.

A recent biography of Wright detailed how he “never lost his belief in the uniqueness and sanctity of his views.” Rather than accepting the concept of objective truth, he “always managed to rationalize his own lapses from accepted norms.” He “simply created his own moral code” and explained away serious breaches of conduct through a “self-justifying statement.”

Many people today have the same kind of attitude. In an effort to get the results they want or achieve riches and fame, they become willing to distort facts or justify their actions. They even may resort to outright lies and deceit. However, the Bible commands us to speak the truth, and it warns that wickedness should be considered “an abomination” to our lips. We must not say anything “crooked or perverted.”

Today, make sure you are not guilty of rationalizing sin or justifying actions that are displeasing to God. He has given you the Bible to provide the standards for your life and your behavior. Dedicate yourself to speaking the truth. Seek to conform your thoughts, words, and deeds to His Word.