Come Holy Spirit

Come to Us, Holy Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Benjamin Beddome was born in 1717 in central England. His father was a minister, but Benjamin trained to be a surgeon before receiving his own call to ministry.

Also an author, he developed the habit of writing a hymn each week to be sung after his Sunday sermon. While not originally seeking a wider audience for these hymns, eventually he allowed some to be published.

One hymn, “Come, Holy Spirit,” described how much believers need the Spirit to live a victorious Christian life. His prayer was that the Spirit would come “with energy divine” and shine with mercy on his soul.

Even though he loved God, Beddome had seen how easily he could become cold and be consumed by the passions of the flesh. He depended on the Spirit for help. “O melt this frozen heart; this stubborn will subdue; each evil passion overcome, and form me all anew!”

As the Spirit moved in his life, he knew he would be changed. He promised to remember to give Him the praise. Powered by the Spirit, he pledged to “devote the remnant of my days” to serving the Father.

Today, realize that the Father sent the Holy Spirit to help you. You are not alone. You can call on His supernatural power anytime. He is ready to guide you, teach you, warn you, and give you power and wisdom. Call on Him right now!