Clear Guidance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The people of ancient times had no maps, no radar, and no global positioning satellites. How were they to arrive safely at their destinations as they sailed the seas, traversed deserts, and traveled long distances?

Those living throughout the northern hemisphere learned that they could count on the “North Star.” Looking at the night sky, constellations shifted with the seasons. Planets traversed many orbital patterns. At times, the moon was bright, but often it wasn’t even visible. Yet, year after year, season after season, the North Star remained constant, showing them true north.

Today, the star known as Polaris, in the constellation Ursa Minor (the “Little Dipper”), is our North Star. At times in the past, other stars served this function. Yet there always has been a North Star to provide a constant beacon. Even with all the advances of modern technology, this star still provides dependable guidance.

The North Star provides a steady reminder of God’s faithfulness. Everything else may change. Mountains, which seem so permanent, constantly shift and are eroded by wind and water. Even continents are anchored to massive tectonic plates that float on a sea of molten rock, moving constantly. But God eternally remains the same. Unchanging. Faithful.

Just as He gave us the North Star for navigation, the Lord has given us His unchanging Word to guide us. He has given us His Holy Spirit to teach us, speak to us, and fill us with His power.

Set the course of your life according to His Word. Everything else in the world may change like shifting sand, but you can trust in Him!