Changing History

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Three hundred Greek warriors changed the course of history. Known as “the 300,” they dared to face the mighty Persian army in 480 BC. Although vastly outnumbered, these warriors surprised the Persians with tenacity and courage at the battle of Thermopylae. Technically, they lost the battle (and they all lost their lives), but their efforts inspired the ultimate victory, achieved at the battle of Salamis.

Hundreds of years earlier, another battle took place between an army with superior forces and a group of 300 soldiers. Here, 300 Israelites fought under the leadership of Gideon against the forces of Midian. While only 300 Greeks answered the call to face the Persians, 22,000 Israelites were ready to fight with Gideon. But, to God, this was “too many.” Gideon must have been confused. How could he possibly have “too many” soldiers?

God wanted Gideon not to place his confidence in the size, skill, or weapons of his army. He wanted him to trust exclusively, totally, and completely in Him for victory.

Gideon’s army won, but not because of his leadership or a superior strategy, and not because his army was bold and savvy. They won because God was on their side…because they obeyed Him, and because they followed His instructions and gave Him the glory.

Today, God is ready to change history and impact the course of men and nations. He is ready to bring absolute victory, but only to those who will fight like Gideon and his army.

Commit yourself to obeying Him unconditionally. Trust in Him, and let Him remove any fear you might feel about the foes you face or the size of the obstacles before you. Believe that with God all things are possible!