Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a sight that thrilled some and terrified others. These were the thousands of cattle moving across the American prairies. Through these drives, cattle were brought from the ranches of Texas to stockyards and railway centers throughout the nation.

Over just a few years in the 19th century, America witnessed what has been called “the largest forced migration of animals in human history.” It has been estimated that more than 10 million cattle left Texas on these drives.

These drives could be dangerous. Cowboys faced the constant risk of stampedes, severe storms, and even drought. Yet, in spite of risks, owners embraced drives as their best option to bring cattle to market.

But this migration forced many local leaders to make difficult decisions. On one hand, they wanted the growth sparked by these drives, which led to more jobs, and the founding of cities and businesses. Yet the flow of cattle often led to conflict with the farmers living on the land, concerned that cattle could completely consume precious grasslands and even spread fatal diseases.

To the men of these drives, the cattle represented everything: How to meet their needs. How to supply for their families. These forces would collide, sparking conflicts and even wars.

The story of these cattle drives reminds us that the Bible tells us that “every beast of the forest” belongs to God, including “the cattle on a thousand hills.” The fact is that He owns everything! At best, we are His servants and tenants.

These are reasons why we must learn to focus on Him, and always put our faith in Him. We must remember His promise to provide our every need from His abundant resources. Invest in God’s Kingdom, trust Him to guide us, lead us, and direct our steps.