Calm in Crisis

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Soldiers surrounded Jesus and His disciples at night in an isolated location. The darkness was penetrated only by lanterns and torches. This was the moment they all knew might arrive—the moment when those who opposed Jesus would combine to bring force against Him and His followers. Now the threats had become reality.

Peter had a very human reaction, striking out with violence at one of the men. But Jesus acted quite differently. He didn’t give in to the surrounding hostility. He remained calm—so calm that He could even take time to teach Peter important truths!

Jesus wanted His disciples to be able to look back and see these events in a different light. He wanted to show them the preeminence of the will of God in His life—that in every situation, He was more concerned about pleasing the Father than Himself.

Jesus could face this crisis calmly, because He was prepared. He knew He would be betrayed and that the Father had called Him to die. But He was not afraid or worried. He had spent time in prayer and was strong in the Spirit.

What crises are you facing? Make sure that you are prepared. Fill your mind and heart with the Word of God. Spend time in prayer. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, and let Him equip you and help you control your emotions.

Submit your will to God. Trust Him. And look for opportunities to turn crises into moments of testimony and ministry.