Called Out

Called Out

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The word church makes us think of denominations, buildings, the people who meet together, or a synonym for all Christians. But Paul had something else in mind when he wrote to the church in Thessalonica (and in other cities he visited).

The Greek word Paul used literally means those who were called out. This word defined who these people were, and how they related to the world around them.

Before they heard the Gospel, the Thessalonians had been part of the world system. They had different beliefs, served idols, and lived in worldly ways, like others in their society. But when they came to know Jesus, they had been called out. For them, everything changed.

The fact that they were chosen by God was a critical part of their Christian lives. Because they were chosen, they could know that God had a plan for each person. They were never out of His watchful care. They could go through any situation with confidence and peace.

These same principles apply to us. Instead of thinking of ourselves as part of the world, the Bible urges us to think of ourselves as being called out. We are different. Like the Thessalonian disciples, we too have answered the call of Jesus. And we are to follow Him wherever He leads us.

Remember that you have been called out by God. In everything you do, think of yourself as a person who has been set apart to serve Him. Make a commitment to follow Jesus wherever He leads you today.