Bringing the Good News

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Nahum delivered his prophecies in the 7th century BC, when the Assyrians were the dominant power, spreading terrorism and fear. Nahum described how God knew what the Assyrians were doing. He wanted His people to know that He was their refuge and was ready to bring judgment and change.

Then Nahum seemed to pause, declaring how wonderful it was for those who brought Good News! What a welcome thought God’s message must have been! War and threats would be replaced with peace! Bad news would be replaced by good!

Paul used Nahum’s verse when he wrote about those who proclaim the Gospel (Romans 10:14-15). Just like water to thirsty souls in a desert, it’s a message of hope to those who are filled with despair. It’s help to those who feel helpless and direction for those who are lost. It provides freedom to those weighed down with guilt, fear, and the burdens of sin.

The Gospel is the hope of the world, but it’s a message that must be proclaimed. How will the world hear? Through people just like you. All of us need to be committed to spreading Christ’s message.Today, remember that Jesus was born to bring Light and Salvation to all. Celebrate the peace and joy that are yours because of His birth. Dedicate yourself to spreading the Good News. Give of your resources. Share your testimony. Pray for organizations like Inspiration Ministries. As you dedicate yourself to bringing the Good News, you’ll be blessed!