Bringing Joy to the Lord

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus often seemed frustrated by His disciples. Why didn’t they learn? Why were they so blind? But there were other moments when they listened and paid attention, when they learned and understood.

One of those moments came after Jesus appointed 70 disciples to go in pairs throughout the country. Because these disciples obeyed what Jesus had directed, they “returned with joy,” elated to have realized the results of obeying Him.

This moment also brought great joy to Jesus!

Each of us has this kind of opportunity in our relationship with the Lord. Just consider the many ways He seeks to teach us: through parents and teachers, through pastors and sermons, through Bible reading and prayer, through the Holy Spirit and moments of supernatural revelation.

Yet how often we can be like the disciples, frustrating our Lord when we don’t pay attention or listen; when we have other priorities and ignore the life-changing principles He wants to teach us; when we don’t heed His warnings, but go our own way.

However, think of the joy we bring to His heart when we listen, pay attention, study, put His Word into practice, and show that we are serious about our relationship with Him.

These are moments that open up entirely new worlds—moments when we learn from the Master and receive new truths, when our lives are changed, and when we advance further in His Kingdom.

Today, spend time with your Master. Read His Word. Listen with “ears to hear.” Pay attention. Seek to understand. Obey, and be prepared to have your life transformed.