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Peter Cartwright was converted through one of the camp meetings that swept throughout the United States in the early nineteenth century. He later became an evangelist known for boldness and powerful preaching. He often spoke three hours at a stretch several times a week. He had a booming voice that brought conviction. Thousands were converted under his ministry.

Cartwright did not compromise his message. Once he warned General Andrew Jackson (who later became a US President) that he would receive no special treatment before God. His earthly power and accomplishments did not change his need to humble himself and repent of his sins, like any other person.

A pastor who heard these words apologized to Jackson for this bluntness. But Jackson defended Cartwright. He said that Christ’s ministers ought to fear no mortal man, adding that he wished he had a few thousand officers like Peter Cartwright.

Many Christians fail to have this boldness. They react with fear just thinking about witnessing for Jesus. Yet He told us that we have an obligation to share our testimony. In fact, we should look forward to the opportunity to tell others about Him. He also told us that we should not worry about what to say and would be given the “utterance and wisdom” we need (v. 15).

Ask God to give you a spirit of boldness. Do not compromise your faith. Stand firm. Be ready to give your testimony to anyone at any time.