Binding the Strong Man

Binding the Strong Man

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

People flocked to see Jesus. Through His demonstrations of power, men and women had been healed and delivered. And He taught with great wisdom! When He came home, so many people gathered “that they could not even eat a meal” (v. 20).

But not everyone was pleased. Perhaps the most upset were His own family members, who concluded that something must be wrong with Jesus. They were determined to stop Him and end His ministry.

Many religious leaders reached a similar conclusion. Scribes had decided that Jesus “cast out the demons by the ruler of the demons” (v. 22). They felt Jesus had to be an enemy, inspired by Satan.

In this context, Jesus described the strategy to bring victory when attacked. As a frame of reference he described how, before entering a house, a thief would first study the situation and make sure that the homeowner was “bound,” so he could not attack or defend himself.

This was a blueprint for spiritual authority and victory in the Spirit. The principle is simple: Do we want to plunder the house of Satan, our spiritual adversary? Then we need to bind him and exercise our spiritual authority over him in order to render him powerless.

As you approach the situations you face, remember that you don’t have to be weak or passive. Be bold. Exercise the power and authority God has given you. Bind the strong man.