Be Encouraged

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Paul cared about the Thessalonians. His letter reflected back to his visit to them, when the city was thrown into unrest, as adversaries sought to eliminate the Gospel influence.

Showing continuing concern, Paul sent Timothy to encourage them and provide additional teaching. Timothy’s encouraging report about their faithfulness brought Paul joy and made him very thankful. He committed himself to pray for them night and day.

Writing to these believers, Paul reminded them that trials were inevitable. When they faced problems, they should not be alarmed but stay faithful and trust God. Remembering that their labor had been prompted by love, he prayed they would live for Christ in every situation.

Paul prayed that the Thessalonians would have the strength they needed. That they would be blameless and holy in God s presence when Jesus returned. He knew that God wanted them fixed, firm, and focused, not distracted by any person or situation.

Paul’s message continues to resound for all believers, including for you. God knows the problems you face. He knows your trials and temptations. Remember that He is ready to give you His strength and provide what you need.

Today, seek to be ready. Fill your life with His Word. Pray and seek His face. Ask Him for the answers you need. Be filled with His Spirit. Don’t give in to fear and worry but stay fixed and firm in your faith.