Awaiting the Promise

Awaiting the Promise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Jews everywhere hoped the Messiah would come soon. Interpreting ancient texts through their understanding, many theories developed. When would He come? What would He be like?

From time to time, someone would arise who seemed to fulfill some of the criteria, including men like Judas Maccabeus. Yet inevitably that anticipation led to disappointment. The Messiah, in fact, had not appeared, and some had given up hope.

The story of Jesus’ birth demonstrates that God never forgets His promises. In fact, every promise will be fulfilled. But the birth of the Messiah proves that God often fulfills His promises in ways we never anticipate. Our vision can be cloudy and our understanding can be limited by our experiences.

The scholars who advised King Herod knew, in general terms, where the Messiah would be born. But so much escaped them. Many hopeful Jews assumed that the Messiah would lead a military revolt against Rome and establish a new political kingdom.

But it seemed that no one really fully grasped God’s plan. Even His closest disciples seemed mystified. Only with time and the revelation of the Holy Spirit would the clear picture emerge.

God continues to surprise us. As we watch His plans unfold, we need to stay sensitive to His Spirit, to seek His insight, and to pray for wisdom. We should not to be discouraged by delays to our timetable, but remember that His timetable is always just right.