Avoiding Traps

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It seemed like a moment of triumph for the European armies. They faced the mighty Mongol horde near the modern German-Polish border on April 9, 1241. The first charge of the European cavalry was repulsed, but after the second charge, the Mongols appeared to start fleeing in fear. Author James Weatherford describes how the Europeans “broke ranks and began chasing the Mongols.”

Little did these soldiers know that the Mongols had purposely made them feel overconfident. As a result, the Europeans found themselves “spread out, disorganized, confused and tiring quickly.” They had been lured into a trap and were decimated by the shrewd Mongols.

Many armies have fallen into traps like this, and sometimes traps are set against us in our spiritual lives as well. Anyone can be snared—not just novices, but even leaders. No one is immune.
Paul cautioned how easily we could be lured into situations we should avoid, attracted into forming wrong relationships or misled into following deceptive paths. Yet many fail to heed these warnings, and they suffer the consequences.

Today, don’t be overconfident, but realize that Satan is looking for ways to trap you. Like the Mongols, he is standing by, waiting to snare you in his traps.

You will see things that try to capture your thoughts. You will read things that would cause you to doubt God and His Word. You will be lured to watch TV programs or visit websites filled with corruption. You will hear arguments that seek to hijack your heart. Unless you are on your guard, you can become addicted to lifestyles that lead you away from God.

Be ready and on the alert. Study the Word of God and stay sensitive to His Spirit. Ask the Lord to help you avoid the traps Satan has set in your path!