An Unsettled Mind

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus taught that we should not have an “anxious” mind. He used a Greek word found in the Bible only in this one place. This word can mean to raise to a height or suspend in mid-air. Vine says this word primarily described “putting a ship out to sea, or raising fortifications, or of the rising of the wind.” Vincent says this could mean to “buoy up, as with false hopes; and so to unsettle, or excite, or keep in fluctuation.”

In fact, the root of this word is the source of the word “meteor.”

Picture what this word means about our minds! In fact, our minds can be as if suspended in mid-air, even flying through space like a meteor.

If they are in this condition, they certainly will be unsettled. They will be floating, without an anchor or frame of reference.

A mind cut off from an anchor is likely to drift and wander and be filled with all kinds of thoughts. This condition can lead to confusion and make us vulnerable to temptation.

To escape the consequences of an “anxious mind,” we must anchor our minds and thoughts. How? Jesus said we need to seek the Kingdom of God. When we do this, we make God the focus of our lives. We trust in Him and let Him take away our fear and worries.

Are you plagued with an “unsettled mind”? If this describes you, start focusing on God. Anchor your mind on His Word. Discipline yourself to seek first His Kingdom. Remember, He will give you stability. He is the answer for the anxious, doubtful mind.