An Offensive Defense

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a time of great change in technology. These changes presented massive opportunities for military strategists. But they also were troubling to many who depended on traditional weapons and ideas.

During this time, in 1858, Count Helmuth von Moltke became chief of the Prussian General Staff. Among other things, he realized that a revolution was taking place in weaponry.

After the 1864 war between Prussia and Denmark over Schleswig-Holstein, Moltke (who was born on this day in 1800) realized that a strong defensive was critical to being successful in battle. In fact, he concluded that “the defense during the first phase of battle offers a decisive superiority.”

To be skillful in offensive warfare, an army needed to force its foes “to attack a position chosen by us” and seek to exhaust and demoralize them, drain their strength. Only then “will we ourselves take up the tactical offensive. Our strategy must be offensive, our tactics defensive.”

Christians also need to realize the importance of a strong defense. We cannot be victorious if we go into battle without the armor of God for protection. Our enemy, the devil, can lure us into situations in which we can be vulnerable and weak. We must be ready for every kind of attack.

Today, make sure that your spiritual defense is strong. Fill your mind with God’s Word. Have a strong prayer life. Be filled with the Spirit. And make sure your life is in tune with God and you are walking in Spirit.