Honest With God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a nation, Israel had sinned. Many people ignored God’s Word and embraced a godless lifestyle. But God had a message for them: Judgment would become inevitable, unless they took action. He was eager to forgive and restore them. But they needed to acknowledge their deeds, repent, and seek forgiveness.

These principles still apply to our relationship with God. He sees everything we do. He doesn’t want to be angry or send judgment; He waits for us to repent. He knows how much we need His forgiveness, healing, and restoration, and He is ready to help.

When we come to God, we must be honest. This honesty is critical to a meaningful relationship with Him. Many think they know God, when, in fact, they never really are honest with Him. They don’t acknowledge their true feelings and thoughts, but attempt to cover up, exaggerate, ignore, or lie. How pointless! We cannot hide anything from Him.

Today, put aside any pretense: Be honest with God about your thoughts, your needs and interests, your frustrations and problems, what you’ve done or failed to do. He knows your heart and mind, and everything about your life. Let Him search you and reveal sin, impurities, and mistakes you’ve made, no matter how big or little, serious or insignificant.

God wants to bless you in greater ways, but you need to be cleansed, forgiven, and free from guilt, worry, and fear. He is ready to forgive you and restore you. Call on Him right now. He’s waiting for you.