Always Bearing Fruit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a great mystery. A fact that puzzled observers. Why, they wondered, did the Congo River in Africa seem to have a constant flow of water? It didn’t matter if there were droughts or downpours. Regardless of the season or weather conditions, water levels never seemed to vary.

Those who tried to solve this mystery faced serious obstacles. Traveling the course of the river simply seemed impossible. Cataracts and rock formations were some of the natural barriers. These foreboding conditions seemed to enhance the mystery.

Finally, a breakthrough took place when explorer, Henry Morton Stanley, was able to walk the length of the Congo from its source. His journey revealed the solution to the mystery.

Because of its length, the river traveled through many elevation and climate changes. It might be dry in some areas but rainy in others. As authors Gianni Guadalupi and Antony Shugaar describe the conclusion, “It was always raining somewhere along the Congo, and so its flow never dropped.”

Some people have spiritual lives that can change, from moment to moment. Sometimes they feel victorious and close to God. But sometimes they become spiritually dry.

The Bible tells us that we don’t need to be content with this kind of inconsistent spiritual life. In fact, we can experience God’s constant blessings in every season. We can know that He always is with us. He never changes. His principles always are true. We simply need to stand on His Word, put it into practice, and live by faith in Him.

In your life, don’t give in to doubt or depend on the unstable things of this world. Trust in God. Make sure that you have planted your life in His Word. He can make you fruitful in every season.