Advancing the Gospel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Writing from prison, Paul knew that some might feel sorry for him or worry about him. But he had another focus: He was looking at the impact his life was having for God’s Kingdom. Paul realized God was using him in a powerful way. In fact, even the difficult events of his life had “served to advance the gospel” (ESV).

Despite this clear success, Paul wasn’t content with the status quo. Things had to change in order for the Gospel to move forward. It must “advance.” Paul used a Greek word that suggests the way a smith forges metal, hammering it out, shaping it by force. This was the kind of violent determination required of those who would serve God. Paul was willing to struggle and sacrifice if necessary, to fight against the opposition, and to drive forward against every obstacle put in his path.

Writing to the church at Philippi, Paul knew they needed to be ready to fight when they faced trials, opposition, and persecution—not for their personal comfort, but for the sake of the Gospel. This was more important than life itself, because Paul knew that “for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” The Gospel is more important than personal pleasure or comfort…or recognition, awards, and “selfish ambition” (vs. 15-21).

Today, take a fresh look at your life. Are you more concerned with the Kingdom of God or your own personal pleasure? What is your passion? Ask God to show you how you can be involved in advancing His work. Be ready to fight, to struggle.

Don’t give up, but devote your energies to serving God. Ask Him to give you zeal for His Kingdom so your life might “really serve to advance the Gospel.”