Acquiring Wisdom

Acquiring Wisdom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

We feel the emotions of a concerned father. Wanting the best for his children, he provided these simple words of encouragement and instruction: “Get wisdom! Get understanding!” The Bible gives several key steps here in Proverbs on how to acquire them.

We need to be good listeners. Teaching this principle, the father begged his children to remember what he taught. This sounds obvious. But history reminds us that many people find it difficult to listen carefully, let alone remember and apply what we have heard.

Many children and youths rebel against their parents, striving to go their own way. But this father realized that paying attention to the insights of parents was central to getting wisdom and understanding. He begged his children to learn from his life experiences. His mistakes and failures, as well as successes, gave him wisdom and understanding.

He also encouraged them to welcome the opportunity to learn from others: “Take firm hold of instruction, do not let her go” (v. 13). He encouraged them to be careful about their associations. They should “not enter the path of the wicked” (v. 14) and should learn to ponder the paths they take. They need to think, analyze, and be discerning.

Apply these principles in your life. Ask God to give you His wisdom and understanding. Seek to be a good listener. Learn from the experience of others. Be careful about your friendships.