Acceptable to God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Does God really care what we do with our resources? The Bible tells us that He does care. In fact, in His sight, some sacrifices were acceptable. Some were not. And He gave specific directions, so they knew the difference.

He was teaching His people that He was interested in every aspect of an offering what was sacrificed and the motivation of the person making the sacrifice.

God’s people needed to realize that their sacrifices were a reflection on their attitude toward Him. When they did things the right way, they demonstrated that they were listening, and respecting His Word. They were to give in the right spirit, and pay attention to His directions. This was the path to being acceptable and receiving His blessings.

He consistently called His people not to offer anything damaged or with defects. Not to offer their second best or what was left over. They only were to give their best, and do everything excellence. To do things His way.

We need to remember that God looks at our hearts. We see this when Jesus praised a poor widow who gave an offering of just two mites (Mark 12:41-44). And He criticized those who were motivated by pride, or seeking to get attention or rewards.

In similar ways, some simply give what is easy and convenient. Others are motivated by selfish gain. They are not really honoring God, but focusing on themselves.

These patterns continue in every part of our lives. Our stewardship. Our work for His Kingdom. Our attitude toward the resources we have been given.

Remember that God looks at your heart and your attitude toward Him. Are you listening to His Word? Are you sensitive to His Spirit? Are you seeking first His Kingdom? Are you giving Him your best?