Absolutely Persuaded

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How would we act today if we really believed that God will provide for our every need? How would we act if we really believed His Word is true? How would it change our thinking if we spent every minute absolutely convinced that He is with us? That He is guiding us? That He already has gone before us in every situation? That He really knows the beginning from the end and has our lives in His hands?

How sure was Paul? He used a Greek word that indicated he was absolutely persuaded—He had complete confidence.

He was confident because he understood the whole plan of God. He knew that all Believers go through temporary problems; we all face challenges and difficulties. But Paul had grasped the long-term perspective. He was persuaded and confident that God had begun a good work in His people, and that He would “perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Paul knew that Believers were involved in the process of being perfected. God was working on them, chiseling away flaws and imperfections, and building Christ-like characteristics within them. Their faith was becoming stronger as they were depending more on God and less on the world. They were learning to trust Him in every circumstance, even in situations that seemed dangerous or hopeless. And this perfecting work would continue throughout their lives.

Today, in every situation you face, remember these Biblical truths. When you face uncertainties, use them as opportunities to focus on God. Have faith that He is perfecting and teaching you.

Don’t give up or become discouraged. Instead, renew your relationship with Him. Confess His promises. Trust in Him. Let Him deliver you from fear and anxiety and flood your heart with peace.