Abounding in Prosperity

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God could not have been clearer. As His people prepared to enter the Promised Land, He promised to make them “abound in prosperity.” He would protect them and meet their needs.

But His vision for them was even much greater than this! He desired that they would experience overwhelming prosperity in everything.

God described how He kept His blessings in a “storehouse.” All He had to do was open that storehouse and pour out blessings on their finances so they would “lend to many nations, but…not borrow” (v. 12). They would be honored, for He would make them “the head and not the tail, and you only will be above, and you will not be underneath” (v. 13).

But there were conditions. These blessings only would be possible if they listened to His commandments and observed them carefully (vs. 13-14).

These principles still are true. God remains the same, and His power has not diminished. His storehouse is just as full as it was in the days of Moses. He speaks to us in the same way He spoke to the Israelites. He stands ready to bless us…to grant us abundance…to provide for us, regardless of the world’s economy…and to make us leaders, not followers.

If we want these blessings, we need to do our part. We must know and obey His Word, serve Him faithfully and not follow the idols of the world, give Him our tithes and offerings, and seek first His Kingdom. We need to Sow Seeds with our time, talent, and treasure, and worship and praise Him with our lives. We must not trust in the world or in other people, but need to focus on Him. We must have faith and believe that He will pour His abundance on us.

Today, seek to be faithful with the resources God has given you. Be filled with faith. Obey God. Be freed from doubt. Expect your Heavenly Father to bless you!