A Turnaround for Hannah

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Hannah felt hopeless. Unable to bear children, she felt like a failure as a wife and a woman. Meanwhile, the other wife of her husband was having children, and mocking Hannah for being inadequate.

These were crushing experiences for Hannah. As her emotions overflowed, she wept so intensely that she could not eat. Then she prayed with such intensity that Eli, the priest, thought she was drunk.

She told Eli that she had “poured out my soul before the LORD.” As the Hebrew words reveal, she prayed with desperation, and the words rushed out of her heart, just like fluid. She was serious and prayed without inhibitions, unconcerned about what others might say.

Hannah was determined to seek God—and she received an answer to her prayer. The son she bore was Samuel, who became a great spiritual leader.

Hannah’s life turned around when she was willing to lay everything else aside and seek the Lord. Her breakthrough came when she prayed with intensity and determination, from the depths of her soul. This is the kind of prayer that moves the heart of God. For He honors those who seek Him.

God offers this kind of turnaround for all of us. He can provide what we need and change our lives. But first He looks at hearts. Our desires. Our priorities. Are we willing to make a radical commitment to seek Him? Do we really believe that nothing is impossible with God?

Today, commit your needs to Him, and pray in faith. Believe that He can do anything, even things which seem impossible. And don’t be discouraged if your answer doesn’t come immediately. Remain determined. Keep believing. Stay faithful.