A Stop Along the Way

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The children of Israel felt like they’d had enough. God had told them He would bring them to the Promised Land, a place of abundance. But instead of getting any closer to that land,  they had been wandering around the wilderness. To their natural eyes, there was no abundance—only endless desert. They were tired and discouraged.

When they arrived at Kadesh, they became overwhelmed by the reality of their situation. To them, this was a “terrible place” (NLT). They complained bitterly about their lives and the problems they faced. Instead of experiencing abundance, they felt they lacked even the necessities of life.

Little did they know that this “terrible place” was merely a stop along the way. The Promised Land still awaited them. All of God’s promises were still true. How quickly they forgot the way He had guided, delivered, and provided for them.

As a result, they grumbled and complained, demonstrating their lack of faith. They hadn’t learned to trust in God or believe He would keep His promises.

In your life, you may feel frustrated by situations you face. You may feel weary or overwhelmed. It may seem that you’ll never reach your goal. You may feel like complaining or giving up.

In these moments, think about the example of the children of Israel. No matter how things may appear, you can be sure God hasn’t forgotten you. He has created you for a special purpose and unique destiny. Remember that you’re simply at a stopping place in your journey.

God has His eye on you! His promises still are true. You can trust Him.