A Solid Faith

A Solid Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born on this day in 1732, George Washington was known for fairness. While some have doubted his Christian convictions, the evidence is clear that his faith was genuine.

As a young man, Washington knew the Bible and sensed that God had a special call on his life. He often attended church services. It is said that he would begin and end each day with prayer, alone in his room.

As a soldier, he served with confidence, knowing that God was with him. He experienced many miracles. Horses were shot from under him, but he survived unscathed. His troops were spared when they could have been wiped out. Miraculously, their needs were provided.

As army leader, he insisted on times of prayer and told his men to “fight as true Christian soldiers.” As America’s first President, he made sure that faith was central to that office. Taking the oath in 1789, he laid his hands on the Bible, adding the phrase, “So help me, God.” This became a tradition for all future Presidents.

Washington’s tomb was engraved with Jesus’ words, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” His last words were “Father of mercies, take me unto thyself.”

The Bible reminds us that God needs to be the foundation of our lives. He created the earth. He is the source of wisdom. He alone can protect and guide us. Boldly let others know that you believe in God. Make sure that you trust Him and base your life on His Word.